Monday, September 7, 2009

What is girls studies?

After reading a few of the chapters in Queer girls and popular culture, it started to become more clear as to what the issues in girl's studies really were. These are issues that truly have a chance at developing working solutions and can potentially be a more open area of study and learning for society to accept. I was under the impression that some if these very same issues could fall under the same discipline as woman's studies, but its clear now that a large part of the struggle happens during adolescence.

The text really addresses the queer side of things which is something I thought we had to go through until we either moved out of the house, or finally found gay friends, but after reading I've realized that girls are discovering different ways of finding themselves. For this reason I completely support the idea of girls studies being a necessity. It addresses all aspects of discrimination and segregation which is a newer concept for me personally. I previously had simply recognized with different groups in hopes to find acceptance, but this larger group encompasses so much more.

My biggest concern in the end however is the media. I do believe that certain aspects of the media are trying to reach out to minorities, but just as the text highlighted they may not be in the most truthful lights. Finding a common ground for comfort, acceptance, as well as room for the media to express themselves (i.e make money) is the challenge.

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