Sunday, May 30, 2010

Eating Disorders...A young Girls Story... My story!

Eating Disorders are a huge part in our society today. I was 17 years old when I decided to stop eating as much and exercise like crazy. I had just got into remission from cancer ( Hodgkins-Lymphoma). My boyfriend dumped me right after I went into remission. He had started dating me after I went into remission the first time my juniro year in highschool when I was 16years old. He was sweet, kind, and gentle. We had an amazing few months together as normal kids before I relapsed. It must of been very hard for him. He saw his cute girlfriend go from normal to bald, pale, and sick. He stayed with me the whole time I was sick. He motivated me to get better and stay alive! I still believe to this day that he did care about me a great deal, but he did his part and it was his time to move on with is life. I became very depressed. Eventhough, I had won the battle over my life I felt so empty without him. It is sad to admit this, but I just stopped eating. If i did eat I would consume veggies and fruits. I rarely ate meat or anything with fat in it. I would wake up every morning before school and go to the gym for about two hours. I eventually dropped down to 89lbs. I would look in the mirror and only see fat and just plain old ugly! I would point out all of my imperfections to myself. I rarely ate infront of friends and family. I did not want to be judged or told to eat more. My family became incresingly concerned! My sister would tell me " Christine, you look like you just walked out of the Holocaust!"I never listened to them. My mother would try to get me to eat a burger or take me out to get some chinnese food. However, I always came up with an excuse. I would also take stool softners so I could loose as much fat and calories as possible. I was really only skin and bones. As time went by I began a relationship with Christ. The more I learned about him the more I was intrigued. I would meet new people and travel to many places to learn and grow in my faith. I remember to this day being in my house just watching some Tv and a something came to my mind. I felt so convicted to eat a bowl of white rice. Just so you all know RICE is a Big Deal!!! For me to eat rice was to say that I wanted to consume calories that I knew would put some wheight on my little frame. I ate the whole bowl. I also felt convicted to throw away my stool softners. This was also a BIG DEAL!! Thankfully after about 8 months of being Anorexic I decided to change my life around. I am now 24 and a healthy 120lbs for my 5'2 stature. I sometimes look myslef in the mirror and point out my arms, back, stomach...ext... But then I rememeber that I am a cancer survivor! I remember how much I fought to be healthy and still fight to this day! I remember that I must be a role model to young girls fighting with Anorexia, bulimia, and cancer. I must be happy that I was given a second chance and to always appreciate what had been given to me. I tell myself everyday : " Christine, don't waste your life." I try and live my this mantra everyday! I want to encourage all of you that before you point out your flaws you remember one thing! You are healthy, you are beautiful, you are ALIVE!!
Love you all!!
Christine Marie <3

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Using History to Move Forward

I believe I'm going to enjoy this course. I have been around long enough to see a good amount of gender discrimination. I am almost fifty years old, when i was a young woman growing up females were placed into three categories. Older females ages forty and above would be referred to as woman, females between twenty one years and forty was called young ladies and under twenty one were called girls. In Women Lives page five, ''Myth 1: Feminism Is Ideological,'' i was very amazed by the feminist discriminatory wages of seventy seven cents for women to every one dollar paid to men workers. History has shown us that before ' women suffrage' if an educated woman and an uneducated man applied for a job, the man would have the advantage over the woman. It should be also noted that it didn't matter if the woman had experience or not.
Statistics printed in the article entitled ' Milestones in U.S. History: Institutionalizing and Challenging Social In Equalities' one is able to follow and understand the significant diverse experiences women have undergone over the years. As the chapter points out in order for the society to overcome gender discrimination both sexes have to work together. gender discrimination is a serious issue, especially when it affects feminists fighting among themselves due to race and/or color as experienced during three periods of activism for women right, referred to as waves. It is appalling to know that as early as 1851 even Christian ministers were apposing women's' rights, arguing that "Christ was male, that women were not as intelligent as men , that they were weak trained with eve's sin." ( Women's Live 9)
If one look at our present society it is very obvious that not only women but men too face gender discrimination. In our past election Hilary Clinton, Sarah Palin, and Barack Obama faced discrimination in different ways. Hilary and Sarah as a feminist, and first women to run for presidency and Obama as the first African American president." women and men face a range of serious problems in the years ahead,... Over the past thirty years, various economic changes and government policies have made women's lives more difficult. (Women's Live 16). Women in the U.S. have found that in the struggling economy especially now in the recession a lot of husbands, fathers, and male partners have lost their jobs. as a result many stay at home mothers have found themselves for the first time out in the job force. due to lack of experience or lack of qualification many of these women are experienced in discrimination not just from the opposite sex but also from the same sex , because the system now presents itself has a 'dog eat dog world' or 'every man for himself'.
Five years ago I lived in New York and during my residency there I worked in the capacity as an assistant manager for a male assisted living facility. ten years ago or more this type of facility would not have employed a woman to work in a managerial position. such facilities was worked and manned by males with females hired only to do secretarial or domestic services. I share similar feeling with the author when he says, the words that comes to mind when she hears the word, "feminist," or "independence, strength and equality"( Fight Like a Girl 1). The sooner we begin to view feminist in a positive light, the easier it will be for the society to accept the role women play on a daily basis. Statements such as "feminism is no longer necessary, that equality has been achieved and that any hardships women encounter must be the result of their own actions"( Fight Like a Girl 7) simply goes to show that some people are certainly discriminating against women and is not in touch with their present surroundings and that the world is experiencing gender discrimination and barrier. It is my strong belief that it's about time women start believing and, be proud of their achievements and their gender, and stop indulging in self pity. each day i go to work and carry out my daily duties I consider myself as an individual and an achiever. I try to stay away from negative criticism and stereotyping because most negative views are constructed by people who are considered sexists. One should also be mindful of the media and the impact it has on imagery of genders.
As I continue to make my final decisions as to the project I will be working on this semester, I intend to use prior knowledge and information from this class to assist me in executing a positive change in the society for both genders

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Welcome Girls Studies Summer C!

Hello Summer Girls Studies' students! You should have received your invitation via knights mail already. Once you accept the invitation and become an author, you should familiarize yourself with the Blogger interface (unless you already know it), add an avatar/image to your name, and get started! Let me know if you have any questions about the blog. Guidelines are listed on the syllabus. Enjoy!! Looking forward to seeing how you use the blog space. <3 Leandra