Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nine-Day Girls Leadership Workshop! (NYC)

Fwd: Girls Leadership Workshop at the Eleanor Roosevelt Center

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Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:46 am (PST)

The Girls' Leadership Workshop (GLW) is an international leadership
development program for girls entering their sophomore or junior year in
high school.  This nine-day program provides young women of diverse
cultures and backgrounds with knowledge, skills and experience needed to
become principled leaders rooted in courage, compassion and perseverance.
Inspired by the life and legacy of Eleanor Roosevelt, participants prepare
for future positions of personal, professional and political leadership and

2010 Dates:
Session 1:  July 9th - July 18th
Session 2:  July 23rd - August 1st

For more information and an application please  go to www.ervk.org
deadline Feb 15,2010

Please forward this e-mail to any female high school 1st-3rd year student
you know--around the globe.  The Girls Leadership Workshop held at The
Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-Kill is a wonderful feminist and social
justice focused 9 day workshop.

Political Science & Women's Studies
Women & Society Conference:
Chair, Eleanor Roosevelt Center at ValKill (www.ervk.org)
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