Sunday, September 6, 2009

Girl Studies & Popular Culture

When I decided to sign up for this class I really had no clue what girls' studies was about. I figured it would be the daughter class to women studies. After reading some in the required texts I realized that it is important to have a class on girls for they are defined from the moment they are born. When I first think of girls I think pink dresses, the Little Mermaid, barbies and make up. I was into none of this things but for some reason I can't help but to associate them with the term girl. We as a society have always viewed girls as being proper, wearing dresses, getting married, having children and not to long ago being molded into the "perfect wife." Falling out side of these characteristics made many girls hide their true identity. As adults many of the women face the difficulties they had as children. For example the lesbian who was married in a heterosexual relationship that ended in divorce because she realized she never loved men she was just to afraid to speak out even though she knew she was attracted to girls from the time she was a girl. Just like in womens studies more and more girls are becoming aware of their sexuality and are able to come out with out keeping it a secret.

With the help of popular culture like magazines, tv, fashion, music and more, it has enabled girls to be themselves. They can relate to so many other females. I also think books written by girls for girls really helps advance the impact that girls studies has on females. For me I remember reading books that were wrote by people my age and felt a connection because they were just like me. Even music has played an important role in the upbringing of girls for me it was Ani Defranco. Popular culture has helped many queers and non queers relate and identify themselves with their gender. "The emergence of tv shows, films, internet sites, magazines, and popular music that speak not only to, but directly about girls who desire girls is historically and politically significant (pg 12, QG)."

Queer and non queer girls face the same issues they are ultimately girls trying to discover who they are. In the past being gay was highly scrutinized by people but now it has become very open and accepted by many. Issues that both queer and non queer girls face is many. One issue would be school and where you fit it, who accepts you, what friends you make, etc.

Girls studies is very important because it lets girls know they are not alone. That they don't have to fitt in some mold set by society. Everybody has the right to be who they want to be, whether it be queer or non queer, fat or skinny we should all embrace who we are on the inside and out. Studying girls helps us understand them better. It makes it easier for us to understand the challenges they have to deal with growing up. Challenges that we can help them with to lead a healthy functional life. It will help me when I have children I will know the importance of letting them be who they want to be and not makeing them wear pink dresses if they don't want to.


Meagan Lorenzo said...

You said girls studies is important because it helps girls know they're not alone. That phrase seems so simple but truly captures a very important issue. So often girls feel so alone and it is not until we're women that we realize we weren't the only ones who felt that way. Being a lonely girl can be so painful and scary. Hopefully through this class we can make a difference so girls don't have to feel alone anymore. Thanks for your post.

P.S. I <3 Ani! :)She really knows what it's like to be a grrl.

Natasha said...

I like how you mention that girls studies is important because it helps girls understand that they are not alone and can relate to other interpretations of self besides what the media's interpretations of what girls should be. I agree with you, I think girls studies is extremely important and I like the changes it has made in school, society, and media.