Sunday, September 6, 2009

Importance of Girls Studies

While reading “A Critical Review of American Girls’ Studies”, the importance of Girls Studies became a lot clearer to me. There is definitely the need in society to have an understanding on girls’ development. As mentioned in the reading it was not enough to use the “universal” psychological theories on girls, (e.g. Freud’s psychosexual theory) being that they had been based on experiences of white males. Having an understanding on a girls’ development gives society tools to tackle problems that girls may face. If it hadn’t been for research on girl’s development it would have never been noted how biased school practices were affecting girls’ academic standing and career success. The continuance in research and knowledge in Girls Studies is vital to both girl/women in our society. Girls Studies has and will continue to help our society figure out the obstacles that girls face in society, and how to overcome them. :)

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