Sunday, September 6, 2009

Girls Studies

I believe that Girls Studies is deeper than just observing how girls act. It is learning and understanding why they act that way. There are so many different types of behaviors that females can possibly display, and each individual is so complex-even if they do seem to be a simple person.

I think Girls Studies is an important course, not just for individuals to understand how/why other females act the way they do, but for them to help understand them self as a female as well. It is hard to observe your own actions, but easy to observe the actions of others. While observing, an individual may then start to notice some things they do or do not do.

When it comes to "queer" girls and the media, there are two "types" of queer possible. The type of girl that is more accepted are the girls used for entertainment purposes. What I mean by this is the "hot" girls kissing to grab a male's attention in a film, or the posters hanging in a male college dorm room of two skinny blondes holding each other while wearing barely any clothes. Not only is the media more accepting of these type of lesbonic actions, but they are willing to provide this as a form of entertainment. As they say, sex sells.

The second type of queer girl is the girl who is legitimately gay. I do not believe that this situation is as prevalent in the media. I do believe that as time goes on society as a whole is more accepting to homosexuality, but gay girls are not focused on all that much.

That being said, because society as a whole has become more accepting, I do not think that the media provokes a need for Girls Studies. Yes, I think it is indeed beneficial but not a necessity.

Although it is not necessary, there are some benefits for women when it comes to the media. From the article, "Women, Girls, and the Unfinished Work of Connection," they talk about many reasons as to why media helps, but I will only focus on a couple. One that I found to be most important is that the media can help prepare adolescent females for a cruel and "dangerous" world. Secondly, for females who come from not so affluent areas, and do not have access to research literature, the media is the only way they can learn about growing up as a teenager.

Do not get me wrong, I think that it is great to offer courses such as Girls Studies. It is good because it provides a "non traditional" form of academia. College would be boring if you were to only take classes that pertained to your major. Plus, it challenges you to think outside of the box.


Jo-Anne said...

I agree that we need to understand why girls act a certain way. If we don't get to the cause of it, how will we ever be able to change it?

Ani Reina said...

I'm really happy you noted that girls from low SES backgrounds, who dont have access to the web rely on pop culture to grow up and experience the world.

Natasha said...

I like your interpretation of the text and your answer to the question "does the media provoke a need for girls studies?" I accidentally skipped this question in my post so I will answer my interpretation of it on your post since our interpretations are opposite. I think the media does provoke a need for a girls studies course, not in a traditional sense, but in a societal need. I don't think girls should be getting their understandings of teenage sexuality and identity from the media. Like you said there are only two kinds of queer models within the media, which just so happen to be polar opposites. Meaning, the media leaves out what real girls, lesbians, and women act like. I think this either makes girls feel isolated or girls feel the need to choose between two polar opposites. in reality humans are dynamic characters who shouldn't be strapped to two characteristics. Therefore, feminist shouldn't let this lack of identity to continue. That is why I think the media provokes girl's studies. I mean we don't want another feminine mystique!

Merritt Johnson said...

I agree that we need to focus on why they act that way, so there is hope for change. I think the media helps out with girls studies. It helps girls know that they are going through, what to expect and all about everything that women and girls go through nd have gone through with feminism over the years.