Sunday, September 6, 2009

Girls' Studies is NECESSARY!!

Based on the readings, it has become clear that Girls' Studies is a growing disicipline within the field of sociology and psychology. When I registered for this class, I was under the impression that we would focus on the lives of young girls and that it would be supplementary to the Women's Studies course I took last year. While all this is true, I failed to acknowledge the fact that Girls' Studies is all encompassing and includes issues and situations regarding popular culture and the media, as well as the discussion of what young girls go through on a daily basis.

Girls' Studies is important because it allows us to reflect on our own past experiences as young girls and to acquire an overall better understanding of the situations they face. As we educate ourselves, we can help this younger generation of girls to become confident and self-assured.

It upsets me that popular culture under represents girls who identify themselves as queer. Our adolescent years consist mostly of finding groups to identify with and finding your own identity. The fact that the media tends to leave out this group of girls is unfortunate. Our media-driven culture is regrettably influential and often hinders self-identification. Girls' Studies is necessary to promote an understanding of girls' development and to eliminate stereotypes.

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