Friday, September 11, 2009

What Could Have Been

PROM.. Every girls dream. I related to a lot of what Amy said. Her process of what it took to get to prom was described right down to the T for me. Every girl spent at least 2 months ahead shopping for dresses, making everyone very aware that they have that dress. Limos were reserved and the lists for who was in the limo were posted everywhere so everyone knew who the cool ids with the limos were. The girls would diet, workout for months in advance. We would tan and get our nails done, making sure we were going to look our best. For the past two years kids decided to push the limits and since the school breathalized, they decided to do ecstasy. WOW, what idiots I thought, running around dancing and not drinking enough water, I was like the mom to all the high kids. It was a show for the girls, of who got the best date and who looked the best. It was not so much a night to celebrate with friends. After prom were when all the crazy parties happen and who’s invited to the cool parties and what not. Amy states from a ten magazine that “making a statement”, “ the prom is your night to shine” , and “dare to stand out” is what it’s all about these days for girls. It also talks about the boutique that keeps records of who buys a dress, so someone at that school could not have that dress also. We have a local store called Annemarie’s that does that, she charges about $50.00 more for a dress, but its guaranteed nobody else will have it and that makes a girl happy.

I related to Deborah in Red as she was upset about moving. Being 15 and moving after being there for four years and making friends and having a life and all of the sudden leaving is hard on a girl. I wasn’t exactly I this position; I would spend 8 months in Pennsylvania and 4 months in Florida shifting back and forth in schools. It was fun. But a hard time catching up. I’d also be left out of the clicks and birthday parties, which brought me down a lot. I felt bad as she was one of few Korean kids at her new school and some girl said to her, “you China?” and I could tell that it upset her. It’s hard coming into a new place and girls typically have their friends since elementary school and don’t want to be welcoming, especially for a minority such as Deborah.

In The stories in Freindships: Gone Poorly, I could relate as I’m sure a lot of girls could. I am finding that reading this book is making me reflect on my life in middle school and high school and I feel one with these girls. Rebecca’s story Big Shoes touched me about her friend Sarah that died in a car accident at such an early age. Any time a young person dies, it really upsets me, especially if they were s full of life as it seemed Sarah was. I lost two friends in high school and I always wonder, who they’d be today, and what they could have done for the world?! It makes me realize that life is precious and to be nice to everyone, because you never know someday they might not be here.


mhendrix said...

I think most of us girls go through the same process, my friends and I did the same as you. I did not have the problem with ecstasy though at my school, how sad. I guess that sums up being "young and stupid". I too can relate to young deaths. I have had so many young friends and family die, it is so tragic. Some of them were such great people, but they were robbed of their potential and the world was robbed of an amazing human. Life is too precious, so why is it we are always so concerned with such trivial things such as prom dresses?

Ani Reina said...

I did not go to prom but I did hear everyone around me talking about it and it was basically what you described. My high school was Lake Brantley, where your first car is normaly a BMW, Benz, or maybe a Jag, tons of girls went to the Bettsjohnson store in Millenia because they made sure no one from the same school bough the same dress.

Merritt Johnson said...

Its sad that people now go to drugs to have a good time. I agree, how people want #300 dresses, merceddes and worry about prom when theres more of a problem out there. It makes me sad bc my sister is now in 8th grade and all her friends were so men to her this past weekend, shes been crying. I sure don't miss those days.