Sunday, September 6, 2009

I say yes to Girls' Studies

Based upon my current knowledge and the introductory readings I think Girls’ Studies discusses and tries to find answers to the issues and concerns of girls. Issues involved in Girls Studies are the gender biases and limitations institutions place on girls as well as an opportunity to learn more about girls and how best to help them develop into healthy adults.
As indicated in “Women, Girls and the Unfinished Work of Connection, “ is important to acknowledge that some populations of girls are still missing from the mainstream research literature.” (21) As long as Girls’ Studies continues to work towards inclusion of all girls regardless of color, religion disabilities, economic or sexual preference I think it is a great opportunity to combat the negative messages popular culture often produces. These negative messages can create insecurities in girls making them dissatisfied with their bodies and uncomfortable with their academic and physical abilities.
Although the media creates negative messages, I also feel the media can be positive because it can show girls that they are not alone. Often girls may feel that they are the only ones dealing with certain issues however, a television character or a magazine article may help them understand that many girls are going through the same issue and can give girls a solution to how best handle the problem they are facing. Driver states, “...girls use popular culture to elaborate defenses, to fulfill wishes, to unfold desires, and to forge identifications in ways that reproduce and also push against the limitations of their socioeconomic worlds.” (35)
Eatheana West

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Ana :) said...

You showed me a new perspective on media, for some reason I correlate media with a negative influence on girls however, your point is very insightful sometimes it can be positive.