Thursday, June 9, 2011

Burdens of the Pretty-Pretty: Beautiful Popular Girl Comic



Not every "popular" girl likes being the "popular girl". Growing up, I was usually in the "cool" group, with all the "pretty" girls. But like Talula, it grew pretty old to me. Everyone around me seemed so vain, and the intellectual conversations I wanted to engage in with the pretty girls and the guys that were gawking over me couldn't happen. Surely it was nice at one point to get attention, girls love attention. But I realized I got more attention for my looks than for who I was and I truly believed my personality and inner beauty was worth something more than just the physical. I didn't stop dressing up, or putting on make-up because I loved those things as well. But I changed my hair frequently and I talked to people outside of the normal group. They were interested in the inner Kiara and that gave me so much joy! Get to know people, you never know, it may be the "pretty", "popular" girl that is longing for true friends that want to get to know her past                                                 her beauty :)

God bless,
-Kiara J. Nair

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