Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ms. Magazine: Dear Reese Witherspoon All Girls are Good Girls

Check out this article about Reese Witherspoon's speech about being a good girl in Hollywood at the MTV Movie Awards (click on post title).

I was watching the awards that night and admittedly, I was kind of fine with what she was saying at first. I took it to mean that girls shouldn't feel like tactics like sex tapes or behaving "badly" (illegal, exposing, etc.)are necessary to gain notoriety. But when I saw this article it reminded me of the readings for class about "bad" girls and "good" girls.

I don't condone a lot of the "bad" behavior in Hollywood in general because it can have legal repercussions  which aren't good for anyone and not just slut or victim-blaming aimed at females. I do think though that if males acted in the same way it would be a "boys will be boys", "wow those guys are party animals" kind of excuse instead of a gossipy blow to their reputations all over the media. This is kind of happening to Senator Weiner (I still can't believe that's his real name), but I'm not sure he's getting less slack because he's in a political position or "good" role versus a male actor.


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