Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Women and career advancements

I was browsing the internet and came across this article; basically it states that in a poll men were found to be better "online networkers" than women. The article made me think about women and how hard it is to advance in some careers being that you are a woman. Even though women have come a long way in obtaining woman's rights there are still a lot of industries and opportunities in which we get overlooked because we are a woman. I have even found that some job postings even list job descriptions that are sexist. I recently was looking for job postings for Audio Technicians and ran across a posting that had the following phrase:

"We need guys who are proficient in terminating audio/video cables including crimping and soldering, dressing equipment racks, troubleshooting and testing a/v systems."

Now even though there are many women (including myself) who have degrees in audio visual production. It is very hard to network or even have your resume considered because it is a predominately male industry. Does it mean that men are better networkers than women? or are some women being overlooked in some industries because they are women? Below is the link to the actual job posting with this verbiage;

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