Friday, June 24, 2011

Going "Natural"

Many black girls & women are going "natural" (ceasing to relax their hair) and I'm not sure that most are genuinely commited. Will this fad stick around and become commonplace? I find many girls around me going through with the BC (big chop)--shaving their relaxed locks and starting brand new. I know that relaxers came about to help assimilate African Americans and those of African descent into this eurocentric society, but I have grown to love my relaxer. At nineteen, I have had relaxed hair for longer than I have not. I received my first relaxer when I was nine. I can hardly picture myself without it. I can't help but wonder what women are getting out of it. I feel as if many of them are getting a false sense of authenticity.

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KiaraN. said...


Last year I decided to end my relaxer days for many reasons. I believe for many girls, they are following a trend, but many other girls are finally tired of conforming. I personally went natural because I always wanted my curly hair. I loved to see the waves in my hair right before it was time to get another relaxer. And I got my confidence to do it in college because I saw beautiful women bold enough to rock their short curly/kinky hair. I had to get over my long-straight-hair-equals-pretty complex. I also realized how unhealthy relaxers are, burning through the skin of our scalps which caused me hair damage. But most importantly I had to question why I didn't or couldn't love my hair the way it naturally came out of my head instead of changing it to something it was not, to who I was not. So just know every girl has her reasoning and trust me, every natural girl is willing to share!