Thursday, June 23, 2011

Top Girl iPhone App

Top Girl is a game for the iPhone/iTouch that allows you to be an "it girl" and work your way to the top in the modeling world. Increasing your "work hotness" is what allows you to land a great position! Along with being "sexy for success" you can go to all the nightclubs and pick your very own boyfriend who gives you gifts and tells you "We're exclusive! That means you can't date anyone else-not even in real life!" With a game like this who needs brainteasers?????

In all honesty this game is similar to a lot of girl games that are online. I have even ran across a game that you earn points by kissing different guys! If a little girl plays these games all she learns is that "sexy" can get you places and we have to be dependent on boys. Sad life, sad story.