Thursday, June 23, 2011

So this article is about a music video that premiered a few weeks ago by rapper Kanye West. He is a very controversial rapper and recently people have been questioning him in regards to his latest video "Monster" In the video it shows women in all types of "dead" poses, while the rappers rap around them. There are also other scenes where women are shown partially nude, hanging from nooses etc. Fox recently put out an article about the video being misogynistic; Kanye West states that the video is "art" I just wanted you all to take a look at it and decide how you feel about it. I personally think it was not of good taste and is in some ways misogynistic; although I see what he was trying to do with the message in the video, it just shows that some men view women as money hungry people who are "dead" inside. There are so many music videos out that show women in a bad light. the link for where the video is posted is below:

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