Sunday, June 26, 2011

Interview with a Web Developer

I asked a few questions to Alicia, a local web developer about women, girls and the industry of Web Development, which is a male-dominated field and related to cyberactivism in the readings this week. Also, it's interesting to think about how efforts to encourage girls in maths and sciences could influence the look of web-based professions in the future.

What kind of technology did you use when you were a preteen and teen? (Myspace, IMing, etc.)

Myspace for sure, I lived on yahoo messenger, and was addicted to

What got you into web developing?

Neopets is where I discovered table and style based html so that I could style my shop and layout. That is what tweaked my curiosity for how the web worked.

What kind of things do you make or develop?

I develop/make websites. 

What do you like most about web development?

I am not very good at alot of things, so I think I enjoy web development most because it's something I know I can do, and always keep improving upon. 

What kind of challenges do you face as a female in a male-dominated field?

I don't think that being a female makes me less of a developer but I do think that as a female I sometimes feel less inclined to speak up when I am struggling or have input I think is important. 

How do men typically respond to you in your field?

I don't think I have ever been treated differently because I am a female. No one accepted or declined me for my gender. 

Do you think girls today and/or women should be more involved with new technology?

I think that if you have a passion for it, do it, otherwise don't. 

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