Sunday, June 12, 2011

Who Run the World?

So, Beyonce' has a new hit song called Who Run the World (Girls). Here it is above in case you haven't heard it.

This video below is a response that has been circulating around Facebook and online. Plus, Lisa posted it in the coffee house discussion area in class.
I would suggest checking out the responses people have. I think a lot of people touch on some interesting insights about the song, Beyonce, and the view of nineteenpercent (Lies video maker).

I personally think there are a lot of points being missed. I think that the dynamic of all the false girl power messages girls get is contradictory to "women's issues" they should be aware of. I like that the platform is a point of discussion, but I think that primarily, the song should be interpreted as saying that women don't get the credit for how much they do, in fact, run and that they should have a catchy anthem to feel empowered by and get angry. Have you noticed how a lot f songs now are voicing their anger or independent feelings? Examples: Rolling in the Deep (There's a fire burning in my heart, reaching a fever pitch and it's bringing me out the dark), Big Girls Don't Cry (It's personal myself and I, we got some figuring out to do),etc. Listen to "I'm sorry boy I hope you still like me. F*** you, pay me" in Run the World, Beyonce is angry, too.

Also, at first I thought Beyonce was contradicting herself by saying "girls" and not women run the world. Then I thought, maybe she isn't going along with the infantilization of women, but de-infantilizing the connotations of "girl". People who are delicate and infantile can't run the world, but declaring that girls can is empowering in of itself. While I think an equal society is key, the bottom line is I have to give Beyonce credit for making a song people want to listen to in a media that still has a lot to work out in terms of what is said about girls and women.

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KiaraN. said...

Yeah I just saw this video yesterday and I wasn't wild about it. Once again, the "girls who run this world" apparently all have to appear as a sex object. I would've like to see more diversity in the kinds and types of women out there. But at the same time, we can't expect one of the most popular music artists to come out with a completely political correct view of feminism... But like you said Kudos to Beyonce for the idea of the song...