Sunday, June 19, 2011

YWLP Was On The Radio!!

Did you hear the news??? YWLP was on the radio! Yes this is true! A few weeks ago YWLP was on CBS Radio’s WJHM-102 JAMZ radio station. They were invited to do a “Real Talk” segment one morning. Sarah who is a YWLP facilitator and myself sat down with radio personality Jay Love to discuss and bring awareness to YWLP for those in the Orlando community who did not know about this exceptional program. The “Real Talk” segment was more like an informational show where Sarah and myself explained to the people listening what YWLP is and the different things that go on in the community with the Big and Little sisters in the program. The segment encouraged other schools to participate as well as stress the need for donations. This was an amazing experience for me because not only was it apart of my service learning project but I also had a good time talking about an organization that I know and love.

You can click on the link below to download and listen to the “Real Talk” segment on 102 JAMZ with YWLP.Please share with me your thoughts. Thank you :)

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KiaraN. said...

Wow that's awesome! Great way to spread the news of an awesome group here at UCF!