Sunday, June 5, 2011

Barbie- kind of a fun game? I can be...

In our readings this week (Girls Studies book) we read about women altering the roles of film and in that section it mentions many girls challenging the beauty and body representations made by traditional media outlets. Many have used barbie to show the inaccuracy of these expectations. I used to play with barbies when I was younger and reading this made me what Barbie had done to keep their look fresh and assimilate to more feminist attitudes. Not much. The link I posted leads to a "game" where barbies spin in a circle and you click on any you can be. There is life guard barbie, teacher barbie, dolphin trainer barbie, doctor barbie (which was wearing a doctor outfit similar to what we see girls in their 20's wearing on Halloween), and computer engineer barbie (who is wearing sparkling jeans and pink rimmed glasses). Even though Barbie has branched out of traditional "career fields" for women then still are all wearing make up, have the same bodies with no variation, and all wear high heels. Why do we continue to let our children be exposed to such unfit representations of women?

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