Sunday, November 16, 2008

These websties make me proud to be a girl

While browsing through the new-moon website I found the bio’s of the girls who had written poetry and submitted it to the website. It makes me smile when I read the bio of a 12 year old and it states
“I am a seventh grader in a very liberal and democratic neighborhood. I support Obama-Biden.” “I HATE it when people are homophobic or sexist. I also hate it when people try to convert me to their religion…”
It shows me that the youth is becoming more active with current issues and politics. When I was 12 I don’t even think I knew who was running for president and so many girls now are aware of who these people are and what their stances on issues are. More so they have their own opinions about all the “ism’s!” The other day on the radio (I can’t remember what station) elementary school kids called in to tell them who they would vote for and why, afterwards the crew would quiz them on politics. One of the questions asked was “what do you think is the biggest issue in the United States right now” and I was shocked when a seven year old girl answered that she couldn’t pick one because there was too many, but she came to the conclusion that the war needed to end. Girls forming their own opinions gives me hope that they will voice them and their voices will change so many things in the world for better.

Also, on the girl’s Inc. website I fell in love with this advertisement, It reminds me of when I was little and my dad used to put me in all these sports and his message was always the same “give it all you got.” Giving girl’s positive encouragement produces women who really obtain their goals. I think it’s so important for young girls to have a good support group so they understand that there are people who know they can do anything. It really helps to have someone believe in you.

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amanda said...

I agree with the name of your post. Looking at all of those sites made me so proud and jealous. I really wish I was as involved and conscious as girls seem to be today. I was also sort of politically aware, but only to what my father told me, so it really didn't count. When ever I see activist in high school or younger I always wish I was like them or wonder how I might be different now if I became more involved at a younger age.