Sunday, November 16, 2008

Girls have the right to be themselves

So I really wish I had New Moon when I was young. It seems to be so much more helpful compared to the magazines I read as a young girl- J14, CosmoGirl, ect. In New Moon instead of “What Kind of Guy is Right For You?” they have “Female First-do you know who these famous women are?” Instead of “What Store in the Mall is Your Favorite” Poll, they have “What topic are you most interested in hearing about in the presidential and vice presidential debates?” poll. My favorite part of the site was the Ask A Girl and Beautiful Girls. I love how they had they girls write in about someone they know who has inner-beauty. Here’s one of them…

“A beautiful girl doesn’t pick favorites. A beautiful girl listens when you want to talk. A beautiful girl is there when you need her. She isn’t afraid to be herself, and she doesn’t force you to be like her. A beautiful girl keeps your secrets no matter what they are. A beautiful girl doesn’t care what others think about her; she knows who she is, and she’s proud of herself. She tries to do her best, and that’s what counts. A beautiful girl lifts you up instead of putting you down. A beautiful girl laughs, but not at you.
Do you know a beautiful girl? I do. Her name is Aftin. Aftin Long.
Aftin the Girl: I want to be a defense lawyer (because I like to argue a lot) or an FBI agent, who solves mysteries. I also want to be an actress—my favorite movie is Steel Magnolias. My favorite class is P.E. because I love to run and play basketball (I play wing and point on our team). The craziest thing I ever did was yell out “Where’s the spinach dip?!” during communion when I was 3. I was very hungry. I kept saying, “Mom, I’m hungry,” until I couldn’t stand it anymore. Boy, did I get in trouble!
Aftin recommends "A Child Called 'It'"
by David J. Pelzer.”

I enjoyed reading about these young girls who made a difference in someone else’s life or helped better their community. Makes me wish I were more active when I was little. If more girls read this magazine they would probably feel motivated to help create change as well.

On Girls Inc. I LOVED The Girls’ Bill of Rights and the fact that they have them listed in different languages…

“Girls have the right to be themselves and to resist gender stereotypes.
Girls have the right to express themselves with originality and enthusiasm.
Girls have the right to take risks, to strive freely, and to take pride in success.
Girls have the right to accept and appreciate their bodies.
Girls have the right to have confidence in themselves and to be safe in the world.
Girls have the right to prepare for interesting work and economic independence.”

I want to print them out and just give them to everyone girl I come in contact with. So empowering.

*Oh and here's an awesome site that I found through
Watch the video. It's amazing!


Brittany Morris said...

yeah new moon's topics are incredible!!! i didn't even become interested in politics until recently, and i strongly believe that it's because it has never been an inviting issue since i am a girl.

"Share the power!"

sarahbeth said...

It's so sad that self-esteem building stuff for girls isn't the norm. I understand that a company like New Moon simply doesn't have the money to be "out there" as much as a Cosmogirl or a J-14, but I wish that it could just catch on virally somehow! One girl telling another girl, telling another girl, until down with the pre-teen mags that perpetuate self-hate and lack of creative thought. Ah, I wish.

Crissssay said...

I also loved the girls bill of rights!!!