Sunday, November 30, 2008


I was definitely glad to see that our professor, the lovely Leandra Preston, aka Leila, decided that we should conduct our our posting on a blog as opposed to communicating over WebCT, (which I support because my.ucf applications are a tedious excuse for social networking.) So when it asked me to sign into my account. I figured I must have had an account, and to my surprise my e-mail search results yielded to me my short-lived but memory-packed blog from high school. I was quite surprised, and happy, with my 17-year old writings and rants. 17 was not that long ago, but from the perspective of girlhood and growing up, the surprising difference was... a pleasant surprise. It was almost like a small gift that went along with the course- Girls Studies and here, your blog from when you were still a girl in high school. The class itself was quite a profound experience, also an unexpected surprise. As I mention in my service learning reflection, it was/is awesome to see, hear about, and realize the common experiences and hardships we face and share as girls. In the introduction to another text book, Women's Lives a Multicultural Perspective, they say that womens studies course delve into "every day" behavior, and makes one stop and look back on one's past, and to analyze it critically within feminist discourse, and therefore womens studies almost becomes like therapy. Not only was the in-class discussion and online blog posting beneficial in these aspects, to heal and celebrate our own past, but also to create a solidarity amongst the (amaaazing) gurls in our feminist community. I will miss our carpool meetups and taco-bell drive thru's, and the rides home jam-packed with course-related discussion!

I think we all got a lot out of this class, (especially upset stomachs from crunch-wrap supremes and friendships <3) and I hope to continue such experiences (minus the farting) in other classes under the GS certificate (!)

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