Monday, November 17, 2008

Kid activists

So, I have to admit I'm a little bitter when looking at these websites. I wish so badly that I'd been aware of alternative magazines/websites, especially sites as cool as these while I was growing up. When I was really young, I read Highlights Magazine and this other science-y mag, but unfortunately by the time I was 12, only Girls' Life interested me.
Anyway, that being said, my favorite of the sites was New Global Citizens. I like it because it not only empowers boys and grrrls, but it encourages kids to go out and help others too. As a kid, you always hear all this rhetoric about "volunteering in your community," but I can say that it never meant much to me. But seeing something like this that provides an easy way for KIDS to be ACTIVISTS - it's just awesome. The smartest thing New Global Citizens does, I think, is include links to facebook, myspace and other social networking sites - thus, making it even easier for kids to be involved.
I kinda wish I were in high school so that I could start up my own "team."

- Bianca


Andrea said...

omg i fully agree!!! your post was like exactly what i was thinking, and about to say!

Ariel Dansky said...

I also wish I had all these awesome resources available to me when I was younger.

I read Hilites too! I switched from magazine to magazine. It pretty much went like this...

Hilites, All About You, Cosmogirl, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Cosmogirl...

and then by the time I was 16 I ditched those teen magazines for Swindle (arts, culture, ect.)

Aaand now the only magazine I read is Bitch =).

Anonymous said...

ahhh i was so jealous of them too! thats why i think it's so important to reach out to young grrrls and show them how to be the media. it makes me so sad how little i knew about subculture-y stuff. but at the same time, the firends i had that were "in the know" about subculture-y stuff knew it from boy's and boy subculture. wow i just said subculture a lot. so i wish i knew a super good way to get a good message out there to grrrls without it getting co-opted and without it being tainted by boys :/