Monday, November 17, 2008

i <3 new moon

Ahhh this is like the eight millionth time this semester I have looked at the New Moon website and it never fails to make me soso happy. I had a semi-deificult time this semester finding grrrlz that would be willing to participate in Ashley and my Service Learning project so it is always really inspiring to look at something like New Moon and see that there are grrrlz out there who do care. However, the one thing I always wish had been different with New Moon is that it would be less adult run.
So, when i saw the Free Child Project site I was really excited because in their about us section they specifically state how they are combating adultism which is something that I feel is one of the sections of Girls Studies that doesn't get mentioned too much. Many of the readings talk about how grrrlz are obviously oppressed and all of the different things that go into causing them to be oppressed. Because adult womyn and men are usually the ones doing the writing I feel they ignore adultism a lot. SO it was refreshing to see a website that stated that they were working against adultism.
I also have super fond memories of girls, inc so that was cool to check out as an older person.

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