Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Girls Productions!

I thought the sites produced by and for young girls were really cool and I wish I had known about these when I was a girl. I’ve seen New Moon before and its such a cool magazine produced by girls. I’m really impressed by the young girls who write the articles and come up with all the cool things to write about. My favorite part is the ask a girl where girls can ask for advice and other young girls answer them. If a girl writes about her best friend being mean to her instead of an adults advice she gets another girl her age who may understand better what she’s going through.
I also really liked Girls Inc. I think their dear world campaign was awesome. They have a number you can call and record a message on what you want to say to the world as a girl. Girls said a lot of really empowering messages, and the PSA was great! It reminded me of Antigone’s postcard dreams for women project. They also had a she votes mock election which I thought was really cool because it shows that young girls are concerned about issues for our country. Its just a really great company that gives girls a voice and empowers them.
I also thought the activist sites were a great idea too because its getting girls involved from an earlier age. The Free Child Project was cool because it shows girls how to create their own activism about whatever they find important. Its easy to join a cause already established but making your own is really unique. New Global Citizens project was similar and I thought the Youth Together Against AIDS program was a great idea, if younger people were involved in fighting AIDS we could have a better hope for a cure in the future.
My only concern about the sites are again, how do young girls find these sites? I think its up to parents and adults to pass these on to young girls. I don’t see how girls would find these activism sites all on their own. I think its great that parents are showing these to their kids and I even saw some stuff about it being in schools which is also really great.

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۞ Lauren said...

I am really impressed with New Moon too. I wish I knew about it as a girl. I would have learned so much.