Monday, November 17, 2008

Beautiful Grrrls

I came across the section Beautiful Girls on the New Moon website, and reading some of their stories made me smile and have hope that girls aren't just falling into the media/societies trap of conventional beauty. These girls are saying I am different because of this, I may get made fun of, but I know my worth and I am confident in me, and to have that knowledge of self worth at a young age is awesome, especially if you keep it growing up. Young kids have a way of saying things so blunt and honest that is so refreshing.
What is also refreshing is to see the Girl's Bill of Rights form the Girls Inc page. It was also fun to see the version from 1945 which is about girls doing things freely but wholesome and with some insinuation that women will all be mothers someday. Todays version is about doing away with stereotypes in gender, the workplace, success and others. I don't know if girls themselves made this, that would be even better, and I wonder if they modify the list every so often or can take new suggestions to be put in. And Girls Inc has action campaigns but i enjoyed reading some of the Free Child Project, especially Girls Action Media which is working with girls and their everyday struggles that are more specific to them and their lives and giving them outlets to express what is going on in their lives.
Seeing the opportunities girls have to get involved is just really cool, and looking at these websites and seeing these girls makes me smile that they are getting into creative outlets and using the internet to empower themselves and girls around them. Oh and Ask a Girl on new moon just shows how many similar questions/problems girls go through. I think that by expressing girls similarities rather than their differences, and pitting them against each other, is one of the best ways to get girls together, connected and working towards change. Who knows better than a girl going through the same thing:

Ask a Girl,
I like this guy Jesse, but as I wrote in a recent letter, I never see him. Now whenever I see the name Jesse I feel like I'm about to cry because I miss him so much. I feel so stupid! Is there something wrong with me??
Cozette, 12

Dear Cozette,
there is nothing wrong with you! I am going to face the saame challenges because i am leaving my school behind. My crush's name is common and i see it everywhere, so I even feel that way now. Cry whenever you feel like it. It's normal to cry.
Mikhaila, 13


carly mac said...

I think that your blog makes an AMAZING point! Girls helping girls is one of the integral parts of feminism and humankind! When I was going through my breakup and posted the blog about it, so many people posted replies. Everyone was so helpful by giving me stories of their past breakups and heartaches, giving me advice on how to heal, and reminding me to stay postive. I feel like my blog and all of the replies was extremely similar to the example you gave. Having a forum where girls can say Q: "here is my problem, am I normal?!" and A: "yes you are normal! here's some help..." is so beneficial and necessary. Really in all stages of life, whether we are young girls or grown women, we need to hear the support of others to get through the hard times. I know it really helped me. I would not have felt better so quickly without everyones incredible amount of support!! :)

Ashl. said...

We need a support website for college-aged girls too, I think a feminist-minded online community would be so awesome, does anyone know of one?