Sunday, November 16, 2008

looove the links!! is an awesome website, if I was a parent I wouldn't hesistate dropping the 30 bucks for a year subscription. My favorite aspect of it is advertising-free! (In 2003, $893
million was spent in consumer magazines on cosmetics advertising alone) Many magazines and such will contain positive messages for young women, only to be followed up by a misogynistic/sexist advertisement depicting women poorly! Also, without the dependency on advertisers dollars, websites such as newmoon can publish what they WANT to, without worry of influence from big-buck product-pushing companies. "Learn about helping the environment, participating in politics, building better communities, and so much more!" This is definitely more of what young girls should be being taught- not how to make-out "like a pro" or deciphering "does he like you back." Politics??? Hell yeah!

The FreeChild Project is designed for an older age-group, but is a wealth of information and resources. "
The Freechild Project believes that the machoism and sexism inherent in many activist projects attempts to derail many young women's ability to lead and demand social change. " This is freaking awesome, because a lot of instances gender roles will still impact an action and girls will be pushed to the back. This website, to me, is a true fist-up in solidarity to Girl Power.

The fact sheets provided on GirlsInc are awesome. I'm used to seeing the same repeated facts and statistics, and these sheets provide NEW information- very helpful for getting people's attention and starting a revolution. This information is great for NOW's Love Your Body Day campaign, and I used one of the statistics in the above paragraph about newmoon.

Overall, AMAZING websites. I hope these websites are making their presence known to young girls in schools. Maybe we could do that??

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