Thursday, November 13, 2008

In your hands

I enjoyed browsing around several of these sites and found Girls Inc. to be one of the more interesting. While I noticed that the website worked to make girls "strong, smart and bold", it managed to accomplish these tasks differently than several of the other websites.

I looked at the section that was provided for "girls" instead of adults and found a wide variety of resources involving multi-cultural information, health, crushes, steps to take in order to start a club and more. While I think it is vital for the Girls movement to claim the right to media, I like that Girls Inc. simply provides girls with interesting quizzes, maps and data that they can rely on and immerse themselves in. It gives them the backing for participating in cultural production because they are informed. It also allows them to explore the strong, smart and bold aspects of their personality by seeing which sections they relate to and find more intriguing. I find it a much more natural way to develop a group of informed girls rather than simply saying "girls should make media". It takes that first step to allow girls to pursue their interests, learn more about themselves and find a community which embraces similar pursuits.

New Global Citizens was also an interesting site due to the inclusiveness. It tells everyone with passion that they have a way to follow through. This is sometimes weird for me though, I find that some of those calls for a strong group become similar to advertisements. Those passions turn into generalizations and seem empty. Ie:"We are looking for young people with a PASSION for change, the desire to TAKE ACTION and the COMMITMENT to build a better world...just like YOU." I had trouble finding direct information that tells HOW to make this kind of change, what they're doing, why they're doing it, can anyone just qualify? Does it turn into another service requirement that a graduating high schooler in need of a scholarship is looking for? I like what they seem to be doing, but I sometimes wish that these calls for service asked more of the individual rather than the general population with a "passion".

Regardless of that critique, I do believe that these websites are great resources for girls. At the very least, they provide cool information for every type of girl and expose issues that effect them everyday. At the very most, it gives girls the chance to understand their (haha..)passions and vigorously pursue them.


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۞ Lauren said...

I totally agree with your assessment of the New Global Citizens website. I did find some information on what they wanted young people to do, but it all seemed kind of vague.