Monday, November 17, 2008

I wish I had these when I was younger!!!

All of the websites were really cool, but my favorites were New Global Citizen and Girls Inc. New Global is definitely awesome, because if you are young and want to get involved with world issues and actually make a difference, than this is totally it. I wish I had known about this several years ago so that I could've gotten involved, because I was always interested in something like this. Also, Girls Inc. was good too, because it gave links to multiple sites that are other Feminist sites. I really wish that these sites were more well-known than what they are. It's just really unfortunate that it takes this class for me to experience them, so how are younger girls getting exposed to them? It would be so perfect if these sites were advertised in magazines like CosmoGirl, YM, or even like American Girl, and whatever else these kids read these days. That way when you're flipping through a magazine that is overpopulated with useless things in life, than you can see an ad for any of these empowering, informative sites.

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