Sunday, November 16, 2008

I LOVE Reading About Girls Getting Politically Active!

Of all the web sites we were assigned to view, I must say that I was incredibly impressed with!

I'm so glad that there are other programs like YWLP which focus on mentoring young girls, and Girlsinc is the most active, comprehensive, widespread, and amazing program that I have ever heard of!

Being engaged in the political process is very important to me, and my favorite part of the organization was the She Votes campaign. Through Girlsinc, girls were not only permitted to cast their vote in a mock presidential election, but they actually went to the DNC as reporters! GIRLS WERE THE PRESS! Understandably, these girls were older (16-21) than most targetted by the program, but it was still totally cool! In addition, girls from different chapters got to meet senators, register voters, and view documentaries about the history of women's political involvement! I've never heard of an organization that motivates girls to become involved in politics more than this one!

The website also does a great job of educating girls about politics in a fun and appealing way. This page teaches girls about presidential primaries:

In addition, there are links on the She Votes portion of the website that explain the DNC and RNC, in addition to explaining what exactly a convention is. I especially like the "Girl's Guide to Conventions" section on the left hand side of this page =).
In this FAQ section, questions like "who's there?" and "what's the main point?" appeal to girls who may not yet understand the political process, and they are invited to learn in a fun and friendly enviroment.

"Inspiring all Girls to be Strong, Smart, and Bold."

Girlsinc does all that and more, and I believe that inspring girls to become invovled in the political process best exemplifies the mission of the organization.

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