Sunday, November 16, 2008

The opposite of war isn't peace, it's creation

I'm ecstatic to know that websites like these exist for girls, but my question always is: how do they find them? It's possible that they are advertised to girls somewhere, but I don't see where. When I was younger, the only way I found out about (alternative) websites and magazines for girls was through friends or my mom. I would have loved to peruse sites like this when I was younger, I feel like they would have helped develop my sense of agency and self confidence.

I love New Moon because girls are a part of the production - which moves them from simple cultural consumers to cultural producers. The various sections encouraging girls to submit artwork, poetry, record themselves singing or dancing, to debate hot topics, or simply send in her thoughts, provide a space for girls to explore and create, things that are too frequently ignored. The section that struck a nerve for me was the "Beautiful Girls" section, the blurb explanation says a lot about its purpose: "Beauty comes from the inside, and every girl has it! At New Moon Girls, we turn the definition of beauty inside out! Find out why these girls are amazing and beautiful, and why you are too!" Each of the featured sections provide an interactive space for girls to get involved at whatever level they feel comfortable.

The Freechild Project is an amazing resource that is interesting to me because of my activist work. We've discussed in some of the groups that I've been in how male bodied people are frequently chosen to be spokespeople, media liasons, and generally the front people, while the women and female bodied people are more often doing behind-the-scenes work. It's something I've worked to improve in the groups I've been involved with, and I'm glad to know there's a resource working to do the same on a larger scale.

In case it's not easily apparent, I'm drawn to the sites that encourage girls to be active and engaged. Rather than simply working for the girls, they provide a space for girls to create, often with other women, which is so cool.


amanda said...

You brought up such a great point. Yeah these sites are awesome but how do girls find them. I never knew of sites like these when I was younger-which kind of makes me mad. If only I knew about them maybe I would have become more active at a young age!

Brittany Morris said...

i like your title!

and i definitely share the same wishes amanda-but am sooooo thankful that these exist.

i'm sure that these sites are adverised in feminist-friendly magazines...which sorta stinks in a way since that means that these alternative sites aren't reaching the broadest audience it can. advertising is so tricky and frustrating, but our generation's girls are changing that!