Thursday, November 13, 2008

Love all the info

The Young Women-Led Activism page has a list of organizations that “empower women of all ages to stand up and use their power.” I browsed through the links, and really liked the page for the NOW organization. It contains so much information for women from topics like the economy, to men, self-image, and violence. When I went under “self-image,” I found a neat bumper sticker I want that says, “I am NOT your Barbie doll.” This Women-Led Activism page is wonderful because it provides women and girls a good-sized list where they can find all kinds of useful information. I know in class I brought up that I did not know where to look for books or magazines addressing women’s rights. This website does some of the work for us.

When exploring the Girls Inc. page, I found a link to their “Fact Sheets”. This area gives statistics for girls ranging from how often girls in high school exercise, to how the media affects young girls. The sheets provide graphs along with commentary explaining the information. One area noted, “26 percent of women’s magazine covers contained conflicting messages (e.g., a message about losing weight next to a cookie recipe) regarding weight loss and dietary habits.” This website can help so many parents understand what important issues they need to discuss with their girls or boys.

When I first opened the New Global Citizens Project, I noticed the neat graphics, and social networking links. In this day and age, it is important to keep pages current because it draws in young teens and makes activism seem “cool.” The concept of working in teams to create projects battling important issues, seems like a great idea and a lot of fun. I can see how it would boost a teenager’s self-worth, and help him/her to make friends with the same interests, while improving problems with society.

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