Sunday, November 16, 2008

Girls' Voices

There is so much garbage on the web that young girls can come across. It is good to see there are sites made especially for them. The New Moon site gives them a place to ask questions, things to do, and plenty of stuff to learn. The new moon site was great. Also, what makes this site so neat is that not only is it made for girls, but girls also contribute so much to it. It seems like such a fun site that they can get on. There are games, quizzes, questions & Answers, and so much information. This magazine and website really gives young girls a voice!

Girls inc. also had a lot of information and programs for girls. One thing I really like about this site is that it had both a section for adults and then a link to the site for girls. The section for adults had the history of Girls inc., news, information, and programs that are offered. I think it is a good idea to have parents participate in what their kids are doing online. It gives them an option of sites to suggest for their daughters to go to and more of which ones to stay away from. Although, while this site was interesting, I still do not think it has near as much to offer as new moon. If we want girls to turn to these websites, they need to be structured in a way that draws them in. Which means they have to have a say and be able to construct it and contribute to it.

The other sites were also interesting. It’s great to get people involved when they are young. The new global citizens web site has a “mission to educate, equip, and mobilize young people to help solve the greatest challenges faced by communities around the world.” Computers were obviously not quite as prevalent in homes ten or more years ago. However, today kids are online all the time and it is good to see that there are fun and educational things for them to do.

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Ariel Dansky said...

I also loved the fact that Girlsinc had separate website for girls and for adults.

I think I agree with you that as a website and a publication, New Moon has more to offer for girls. However, Girlsinc is more than just a website; it has chapters all over the country that directly mentor young girls and get them involved in activities such as meeting political leaders, watching documentaries, and volunteering in their communities.
Because Girlsinc is a widespread organization and New Moon is a magazine, I don't think the two can be compared on the same level.