Friday, November 28, 2008

Thank You!

Girls’ Studies has been an interesting class for me, and most definitely a learning experience; coming into it, I was uncomfortable being surrounded by so many women who are so passionate about Feminism, something which I felt very uneasy identifying with. When I really stopped to analyze my discomfort, I found that its root was in the image of Feminism, not with the principles, which I, for the most part, agree with. I think the image of Feminism, like any other image, often prevents people from really trying to understand the philosophy and belief system. Not really having much previous interaction with “radical feminists,” I bought into the stereotype and feared that a bunch of angry girls were going to cast me out of the group because I wear make-up, or wear high-heels. I will admit that it was really threatening to me to be in a class, or car, full of people who I perceived to be so different from me. I am not a confrontational person, and I fear being judged (although, it is judgmental of me to assume that any of the girls in the class would judge me); especially in the political climate which was so heated at the start of our semester, I felt that there was no way I could fit in. Wrong. I am sorry to all of the smart, powerful, beautiful, and funny people in our class for having so many pre-conceived notions, and for assuming that you wouldn’t be inviting. This has been one of the best dynamics I have ever encountered in a class; I really feel like everyone has really embraced everyone else, no matter what their beliefs or outward appearance. Reading, discussing, laughing, and crying with all of you about our own experiences of being a girl, as well as the experiences of others, has not only been extremely cathartic, but also really eye-opening. I feel much more comfortable communicating with younger girls because of this class, and feel more in touch with things that I have both struggled with and overcome. We are all so incredible, and I thank you all for making this such a great experience!


amanda said...

I'm really glad that you enjoyed this class and it changed your view of feminism and feminist.

novitiate said...

Do you identify as feminist now? :)