Tuesday, November 25, 2008

End of Semester!

I really enjoyed girl studies this semester. I took it as a class just to fill up one of my last electives for my last semester and it ended up being my favorite women’s studies course! I was taking women’s heath issue for my last women studies minor and I really hated it, it will be really cool when classes like girl studies can cut out some of those classes that aren’t exactly women’s studies geared. For example women’s health issues was a nursing course and I found it hard to understand because it was designed for nurses to take. Girl studies was great because it was so largely discussion based and I feel like I learn so much more when I’m actively participating in the coursework and not just listening to a lecture. I also thought the blogging portion was really cool; I had never blogged before so I was really interested and surprised when a feminist author commented on our blog. The internet is such a great tool for this course. Girls spend a lot of time online these days so incorporating the internet and websites in this course really connects to girl culture.
My favorite parts were exploring the websites like new moon and scarlateen. Immersing into girl culture was a really good way to see what girls were doing and going through today. The political sites for girls were also a fun part, it was so exciting to see girls involved in activism from such a young age. I have to say parts of the texts were a bit boring, but I did enjoy the spice girls articles and the postings where they interviewed real girls and discussed it. I’m just excited to continue with the blog and keep what I learned to focus on mental health counseling in graduate school.

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amanda said...

I also enjoyed the websites that we visited. It allowed us to see that girls today notice the problems in our society and the world and they are trying to make a difference. I really wish we had those sites (or I knew about them) when we were younger. Scarleteen would have been really helpful when I was a teenager.