Sunday, November 30, 2008

take only photos and leave only footprints

I chose this title because throughout this semester I have felt like the grrrlz studies class has been sacred ground for us. In the times leading up to class we do readings which expand our minds and make us think critically. When we can’t be together in person we use new age communicative tools (the interwebz) to keep in touch with one another. And right before class we come together to share what we have learned. And we always leave with newfound information that makes us all the wiser. I know that I for one will try to continue my foray into grrrlz studies because I feel after our months together I’m still not finished. While taking this course I found that I still have residual growing pains left over from adolescence and that until I get over them I won’t be able to completely understand grrrlz studies. I learned so much from this course about how to speak with grrrlz and how to relate to them. However, in my actual interactions with grrrlz I found myself falling short. And I think this is because I felt put back in that old awkward situation of judgment and a need to prove myself. I think my favorite part of this class was listening to everyone during their lead discussions. I felt like we all had something important to bring to this new adventure and I was always excited to come to class and listen/reflect. I fully appreciated how we not only focused on problems and issues within grrrlhood but also solutions. This was another favorite part for me because I love thinking about how to make things better. I also absolutely loved how we used the blog to keep our class together. I think it is important that when going dissecting a culture you use their tools to dissect. And after many of our readings I see how important technology and anonymity through the internet has influenced today’s grrrlz. I hope that we can all keep using this blog whenever we find relevant things or just want to catch up with one another. I feel like we have all bonded this semester through education and personal stories. I am really going to miss this class and hope to see all of you next year !!!

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