Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tyra Banks #EMPOWERMENT!!!

Okay so this youtube video had me feeling really good about myself and the way I look. I have never really followed Tyra Banks, but I see now that she is an advocate for young women and girls. She has so much passion when it comes to what we as women are seeing in the media and how the real woman is portrayed. I think it makes it even more amazing because she is a SUPER SUPER model and one of the most beautiful woman in the media. I find her outlook on women in the media so refreshing, and I love how she is not afraid to share her own imperfections with the world. We are so use to shining the light on the negative parts of the media, but I want to take the time to shine the light on something positive. Please go and watch this uplifting video and follow the link to subscribe to Tyra's channel

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