Sunday, November 18, 2012

This was an article I found about a teenage girl who attends Evans High school. The City of Orlando has recently advocating anti-bullying rallies. Violence is becoming a huge issue in schools. Children can hardly go to school without worry of viewing or participating in violent acts. Bullying is real and it is effecting and hitting girls the hardest. Read below if you would like to skim the actual article you can go to the link I provided.

Girl, 14, Arrested In Slashing On Bus

Orange County Teen Suffers Cuts Across Her Body

Published On: Oct 25 2011 08:23:00 AM EDT  Updated On: Oct 20 2011 12:54:03 PM EDT
A 14-year-old girl was arrested Thursday on allegations of slashing another girl during a fight on an Orange County school bus.
The girl, a student at Evans High School in Orlando, was arrested on a charge of aggravated battery in the fight, which occurred about 2 p.m. Wednesday near North Lane and Westgate Road.
The victim, a ninth-grader at Evans High, was taken to Arnold Palmer Hospital with lacerations to her face, chest, arm and back, Orange County deputies said. Her injuries were not life-threatening .An arrest affidavit stated that the girl suffered permanent disfigurement across the left side of her face, from her temple to her cheekbone and around her eye .According to an arrest report, the victim said the other girl sat directly in front of her on the bus and teased her, calling her names. The victim said she walked toward the door of the bus, and as she passed the 14-year-old, the teen pushed her, causing her to fall, the report said. The victim said she punched the girl and they began to fight, according to the report, which stated that the girl noticed the 14-year-old was using a slashing motion during the brawl. The victim said she then felt extreme pain and noticed her face was bleeding, the arrest report stated. The 14-year-old girl used an unknown sharp cutting instrument in the attack, said deputies, who added that the victim thought the weapon may have been a piece of glass. The victim then ran off the bus and flagged down a deputy, the arrest report said. The incident was captured on video, but it has not been released by authorities.
Watch Local 6 News for more on this story.
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