Sunday, November 25, 2012

A21 Campaign - Get Involved!

You wore your keys. You hosted events. One of you even shaved our logo on your head! And all with the goal of raising awareness that slavery still exists today.
Key2Free—the annual awareness and education initiative organized by The A21 Campaign—was a massive success last month! Each of offices and thousands of abolitionists worked to shine a light on the dark industry of human trafficking.

Children in London wrote letters to their government about abolishing the modern slave trade. Volunteers in Bulgaria marched with a giant key to Parliament as a symbol of freedom. We even had over 3,000 runners in Greece marathon for the cause!

If you were a part of Key2Free on October 18, we encourage you to take a look at our Facebook and blog for pictures and stories! And even if you missed it this year, it’s never too early to get inspired for next year.

So now what?

After working to raise awareness, or maybe hearing of modern slavery for the first time, what can you do to make a difference?

Our shelters and restoration homes are full of young women who have been freed from a life of bondage. You can be a part of bringing hope to these survivors by sending some encouragement their way as we approach the holiday season.

Over 1.9 billion Christmas cards are sent each year—most of them around Christmastime. It’s a tradition over two centuries old, and this year you can make it count towards bring hope to those rescued from human trafficking. When you are signing cards to your extended family, we encourage you to include a survivor from one of our three locations:
The A21 Campaign
PO Box 10218
TK 54110
Thessaloniki, Greece
Tanya Ravnushkina
PO Box B267
The A21 Campaign

Diana Radoslavova
The A21 Campaign
5B, Triaditsa Str., fl. 2, Office 226
We like the quote from David Starr Jordan that says, “Wisdom is knowing what to do next. Virtue is doing it.”
You have been educated as to the global epidemic of modern slavery. Now is your chance DO something to help bring hope and freedom!

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