Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Eating Disorders Disguised!

Eating Disorders Disguised! There is an online community out there that is pro-eating disorders and these websites prey on young teenage girls in promoting these disorders. They share tips on how to become skinny (Anorexic) or how to make yourself sick (Bulimia). Sometimes they use code words such as Pro-Ana or Pro-Mia. They also use words such as Thinspo and Thinspiration. The usage of media and the posting of extremely skinny models or real people with these disorders help to create insecurity amongst the visitors to their sites. These photos are supposed to help the girl feel too bad about her to not want to eat and aspire to be like these photos. These websites are extremely dangerous to the well-being of anyone who participates in this. These websites continue to promote its message of thinness and perpetuate the ideology of the patriarchy. These girls are feeding into the man’s media version of what they are supposed to look like for the ultimate pleasure of men. What these girls do not understand is that they are oppressing themselves for the gratification of the male gaze and desires, not their own desires and wishes. If lookism was less valued as a society, perhaps women could get past the mirror, and delve deeper into what their true desires could be. Without distraction of the ideology of patriarchy and its emphasis of a woman’s appearance, than perhaps women could go further in developing their true selves, focus on what truly matters, and live a more prosperous and powerful life.


Lela said...

This is the topic of my dissertation. It is indeed a concern for young girls and women (and anyone who struggles with such issues). I focus most specifically on pro-ana and cutting in virtual communities and social networks. I am not far along enough to share much but will be happy to share my work in a few more months:)

Heather Melton said...

It is definitely an interesting and very important topic that needs to be examined in depth. I would love to see what you find. : ) These websites are so dangerous and prey on the lives of young girls and women. At one point in my life, I was drawn magnetically to such a daunting agenda filled pro-ana site. That was until one of the young girls that frequented the website, died. I believe she was only 14 years old. She used this site like it was the bible. I think these websites should be banned and people potentially prosecuted for providing and promoting material that could shatter the lives of many.