Friday, November 23, 2012

A Day at the Range

I am posting this under discussions and blogs.  My daughter just turned twenty-one and I am going to pay for her a class for a Concealed Weapons Permit for Christmas.  Since I am doing this, we decided to go to the shooting range today so she could practice.  She invited one of her close friends to come along.  While we were there, we noticed a good number of teenage girls there.  It appears that a lot of fathers and/or grandfathers are taking their daughters and/or granddaughters to the shooting range.  The days of gender stereotyping for this sport appear to be over.  All the girls seemed to be enjoying themselves while learning an aspect of self-defense.  There was more teenager girls there than teenage boys. 
I know there are some out there that might have different opinions about gun control or the Second Amendment rights.  This post is not intended for an argument on these subjects.  I am just making observations about father/grandfathers and daughters/granddaughters spending time together and girls engaged in traditional male activities.  

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Mary Cooley said...

About a year ago I went to a few shooting ranges with my then boyfriend. He had just one gun so we took turns. There were several girls shooting with the men and at two of the ranges that I went to gentlemen offered and allowed me to shoot their different types of guns and walked me through how to use them (who knew there were so many!). I felt very welcome on the shooting ranges and I did not see any gender discrimination. I went to the gun ranges for fun and will probably never own a gun and will definitely never shoot anything other than a target. It was still quite empowering. My favorite is the classic six shooter. :)