Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Anorexia - Teen Girls? Go hand in hand?

I was standing in my kitchen when I overheard the television in the other room. The new Katie Couric morning show was on and my attention was suddenly grabbed by her voice relating anorexia with women over the age of 50. I just as many had always believed in anorexia being a disorder most commonly found in young women who often are going through puberty. Self esteem issues, peer pressure and many other factors of learning about yourself  are generally the fuel behind this fire. However Katie expressed that in fact women over 50 often go through these same issues ..almost "relearning" who they are and struggling with the onset of menopause along with the great changes not only to their bodies but their households as well. Children are moving away ,financial strain, retirement is edging closer ..all of these factors make a woman of this age more susceptible to this issue as well.  I was very surprised to learn of how a woman who yo yo dieted constantly had a great influence on her daughter becoming anorexic. Often times we do not think of how our own actions could affect those around us and this is one issue I feel that is not given enough attention...check it out!

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