Friday, November 16, 2012

Soft Drinks = Teen Violence

Here's an interesting blog that I found that relates to the Weeks 12 and 13 module in my Girls Studies class. The module is titled "Violence Among and Against Girls." This blog by Donald M. Petersen, Jr is titled "Soft Drinks = Teen Violence." My first thought was disbelief because girls...and boys have been drinking soft drinks since they have been invented. As I read the blog and the abstract of the study published in the Injury Prevention Journal, I realized that the soft drinks of my generation and the generations before me are very different from the soft drinks of today.Caffeine infused drinks are being marketed as similar to soft drinks. I know that the celebrities drink Red Bull (and so does my own daughter and her friends) which is a fairly new drink. There have been several deaths recently that are linked to the caffeine drinks like Monster and Rockstar that are also new to the market.

Attached is the link to the blog by Mr. Petersen, Jr which includes a link to the study abstract titled "The 'Twinkie Defense': the relationship between carbonated non-diet soft drinks and violence perpetration among Boston high school students." I urge you to read both.

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