Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Okay so I don't have any links, or pics to post, but I just HAD to blog about this. So it's 12:06 am on a week day and I am sitting at home (of course I can't sleep, being 8months pregnant) and I decide to turn to the Logo channel, for those of you that don't know what the Logo channel is, it's a gay and lesbian channel and they air Rupaul's drag race, 5 gays and 1 girl, and a lot of other drag shows which are VERY entertaining. Well I go to watch Drage race all stars and what do you know I can't get the channel so I call dish (24hr line) and inquire about my fabulous Logo channel and the rep tells me I will have to pay 20 dollars a month on top of the 90 dollars that I already pay to get this channel, when I ask why she says, "I can't really answer that" so I am referred to a supervisor who tells me that they seperate the Logo channel becuase it promotes gay and lesbian interaction..OMFG SHOOT ME NOW!!! I almost died when I heard him say that can you believe this??????!!!! I brought up the point that other companies such as Brighthouse, and Direct TV doesn't separate Logo and he says, "well we aren't them, and majority of our customers don't want to see homosexual tv shows" UGH THE NERVE, now I am a straight female I have never in my life been with the same sex or even thought about it but I think it is just DOWN RIGHT WRONG AND DISGUSTING for a company to show such disrespect to the gay and lesbian community. Had I known any of this I would have NEVER signed a contract with Dish.





Tabatha said...

Have you written a letter to Dish? That seems very out of line for a rep to say on the phone. How would they have known if you were gay or straight?

Nikki Blue said...

I have yet to write a letter to Dish. I have told a few people about this and they all said the same thing. I think I will take the time this weekend to sit down and write a letter to Dish.