Monday, November 19, 2012

Engineering toys for girls

Goldie Blox is Debbie Sterling's answer to lack of engineering toys developed for girls, instead of recolored pink and purple. In the article on includes a link to her (fully funded!) Kickstarter video, where Sterling shares her development into as an engineer and desire to see more women in engineering. Goldie Blox takes a construstruction set and couples it with a book where you can help Goldie, the girl inventor, solve problems through engineering a solution along side of her.

From the Goldie Blox website:
Engineers are solving some of the biggest challenges our society faces. They are critical to the world economy, earn higher salaries and have greater job security. And they are 89% male. We believe engineers can’t responsibly build our world’s future without the female perspective. We are here to bring the female voice into engineering.

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