Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Disney Princess Culture

A General Observation of Classical Disney Princesses

So there's basically two types of Disney princesses: those who save and those who need saving. Look at the picture, from our memories, do you notice anything about the ones who need saving versus those who seem save themselves in general.There is a color barrier between these two types. White princesses, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, are typically saved by their prince charming's. Yet, United States minorities are represented in their films as those who save themselves or have an active role in challenging or changing society. Why is that? Why do characterizations go the way they do and what is it teaching our girls? Do minority girls need to work harder for a better outcome as opposed white girls being saved and swept off their feet? Do Disney princess movies subliminally set up the expected lifestyles of young girls? Is this characterization changing? Barely, with the interplay of different styles of movies that do not focus on happily ever afters, animated films these days are not about princesses. Something to think about: why hasn't or didn't Disney introduce more minority princesses in their natural and cultural environments such as a true African princess, a Latina princess (if applicable), etc. Will this ever happen?

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