Sunday, November 4, 2012

Igniting Leadership in Girls

The mission of The White House Project is to ignite the leadership of women in business and politics. We connect, coach, and educate an ever-expanding alumnae network of 14,000 nationwide. With a focus on women age 21-35, we activate the ambition, creativity, and skills necessary for innovative and effective leadership.

Right now, women in the US are earning undergraduate degrees at a higher rate than men are, and they are recruited in roughly equal numbers into the work force. But here’s the thing: as they progress in their careers, a leadership gap emerges. The White House Project’s 2009 Benchmarking Women’s Leadership Report is an assessment of the current state of women’s leadership in ten major sectors.
Look forward to key findings from our new report coming this fall, with the full report available in 2013.

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