Monday, October 6, 2008

You're going to .... frag me? is a GREAT site, I love seeing criticism of media and mainstream advertising because it's so important for girls to see these images and say "oh, hell no." Kathyrn and I can definitely use this as a resource for our zine-making workshop :) :) (two smileys = more excited, as opposed to only one)

"computer gaming as a whole seems to be a male-dominated domain" and I agree. Here's a popular online gaming site for girls-!! "This site, which many pre-teen girls and older girls have visited, is a cluster of every insecurity that any girl may endure or already have. Well, we played this game so you don't have to: You're first given an ideal height and weight to maintain. You are given the option to achieve your 'goals.' My bimbo's goal just so happened to be to change her 'drab' hairstyle and become a "popular" blonde with pigtails! If I achieve these 'goals,' I will soon gain VIP access to new products, get a hot boyfriend, and snag a cool new job. And with my bimbo dollars (purchased with real money through PayPal), I can purchase a face-lift for 9,000 bimbo dollars or breast implants for 11,500. You can even give your bimbo an eating disorder to accomplish her 'goals.' As of this writing, there are 570,000 'registered bimbos.'"

I worked at Hard Knocks last year,, and "female gamers" are a commodity to the company. They promote Girl Gamer night, and use this angle to attract more male customers. Also, the prevailing ratio of men to women employees fell under the category of male management and lower-tiered female "regulators."

"Boy" games are hard to initially maneuver. In first person shooters, you have to move backwards and forwards with the arrow key, look around up down and side-to-side with the mouse, click to shoot and hit other keys to buy weapons, pick up/drop off bombs, and communicate. Have you seen cooking mama?? You frantically shape the controller up and down to chop.

I thought this article displayed a great idea ( In high school I took a networking class and I was one of two girls, out of close to 40 people, and we had the class at different hours. You don't know how many times I heard "Ashley I'm gonna FRAG YOU!" before 10:30 am.

Good thing I could use my internet-searching skillz and quickly define "frag" before I resorted to punching some faces in.

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