Monday, October 20, 2008

Now and Then + Waffles = Fun

Michelle, Jaime and I watched Now and Then this morning (and ate a lot of waffles and doughnut holes, which were delicious by the way) and I realized something; I love being a girl. The movie is a little frivolous, but so is eating waffles and doughnut holes with girlfriends on a Sunday morning. And I know, I know, I have mentioned the waffles four times already; but I love food…and friends. In YWLP, we always have food, because we know that food helps bond people together, and helps us to feel like family. Nina, the head facilitator, says, “What do families do? They eat together. YWLP is like a family, so therefore, we must eat.” And although it’s a little bit of justification to eat cookies and brownies, it is also very valid. I think that movies function in the same way. It is easier to start friendships and relationships with the question, “Want to come over and watch a movie?,” than it is with, “Want to come over and risk awkward silences?” Movies offer themselves as a catalyst for bonding. So the fact that Now and Then is no Academy Award Best Picture is not as important as the impact the movie has; the three of us were ooh-ing and gasping our way through it. After it was over, Michelle commented that she likes how the movie remains centered around the girls, and not the girl-boy relationships, as in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, for example. Jaime and I both agreed with this, and I think that perhaps the popularity of this movie is based on the fact that if you don’t have a boyfriend, the movie doesn’t constantly remind you of that. Single or not, this movie focuses on loving who you are, and the importance of self-acceptance in relationships with others. This movie reminds me of being an adolescent, and the adventurous dreamy summers which accompanied that time in my life. Crazy Pete, the character in the film who originally scares the girls, but later saves them (both physically and metaphorically) gives this piece of advice to the character of Samantha: “Things will happen in your life that you can't stop... But that's no reason to shut out the world... There's a purpose for the good and for the bad.” This is such a positive message, and very hopeful. I have to say, that although I could have watched Kids alone, and left it feeling defeated and depressed, I am so glad that I indulged in this movie, and spent time with friends. I left the movie feeling happy, which sometimes is harder to achieve than it may seem. And although I wasn’t challenged, and my eyes weren’t opened to a depressing new world, I laughed and remembered for the first time in a while how much I loved, and still love, being a girl!


Crissssay said...

Want to come over and watch a movie?,” than it is with, “Want to come over and risk awkward silences?”
^hahaha so true! It is difficult to find a good "chick flick" that doesn't simply focus on changing yourself and finding a guy, rather a movie that just lets you watch other girls doing similar things you can relate to.

j.leigh said...

i loved your blog so much! and i know we already discussed this movie in person, but you just reiterated so much of what is wonderful about that movie...a feel good, girl and women positive story ... and waffles! ;)