Friday, October 17, 2008

"Now and Then" not so interesting.

A very long time ago, I watched "Now and Then". Although, I could not remember anything about the movie, I just knew that I once loved it. When my husband and I went to check it out from Blockbuster, the woman behind the counter rushed over to grab it for me. She said, “I have watched this movie so many times, I knew exactly where it was.” The woman next to her nodded in agreement. "Now and Then" it is, I said to myself.

Although I once loved this movie as a girl, I quickly grew bored of it this time around. I never really tried to fit in, and I always found the things boys did so much more interesting. I think many times when women watch movies about other girls or women, they want to be able to identify with a character. I could not do this with "Now and Then", so maybe that is why I did not enjoy it. Although I found the close relationship the girls had with one another wonderful, I could not relate to that either. I had maybe a couple girl friends in elementary and middle school, but now I do not have any close girl friends, other than family. I never sat around in a circle discussing with other girls what boy I liked, what I thought of my parents, or what I wanted to be when I grew up. After giving it a lot of thought, I imagine the only reason I liked this movie as a girl, was because I wanted to do the fun things the boys did in the movie. I wanted to play in the lake, throw balloons filled with jello at people, and have free time to do whatever I pleased.

Even though I had a hard time paying attention to the movie, one thing stood out to me. I could not believe that although the girls spent every minute with each other, and really valued their relationships, they still went their separate ways. The girls did not even stay in close touch with one another. I remembered a portion of out reading that sums up perfectly what happened to them. “Although individualization has been formerly reserved for male adulthood, young women’s struggle toward individuality has demonstrated itself in various ways: postponing and/or rejecting marriage and having children, leading single lives in unprecedented numbers, and heavy investments in education and professional careers, as well as increasing involvement in public spheres such as politics and the media” (Young Femininity, 111).

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Sarah Wissig said...

I love that you liked the film as a kid because you identified with or liked the male characters. I also wonder about the way that girls' friendships are presented in general. Why is this talking-about-feelings-and-boys-during-sleepovers framework the norm? Definitely not all girls have friendships like that or identify with that!